State-of-the-Art Technology in Cape Coral, Florida

Dr. Molzan’s office is equipped with the latest technology for accuracy, efficiency and comfort. This includes:

3D imaging for diagnosis and treatment planning

Cone beam 3D CT scanners are used to obtain accurate, 350° images of the hard and soft tissues of your entire mouth and skull. Our doctors use cone beam 3D CT scans for diagnosis and treatment planning of dental implants and orthodontics treatment.

Our 3D CT scanner, the “Green Machine", is the safest and lowest in radiation and is equal to watching a couple of hours of TV.

Cone Bean 3D CT

Digital X-rays

We use digital X-rays to get an accurate view of your teeth and mouth. Digital X-ray machines emit 90% less radiation than traditional X-ray machines and the resulting images are immediately available.

Digital X-rays

LANAP Protocol Laser Therapy

A soft tissue laser that specifically targets the pigment in diseased tissue, surrounding healthy tissue is not affected, and the treatment is more comfortable for patients than traditional cut-and-sew gum surgery. The laser not only destroys the bad bacteria that are present, it also stimulates the body’s natural regenerative potential to help rebuild bone around the teeth that may have been lost or damaged due to gum disease.

LANAP laser therapy

Diode Laser for gum treatment

The Diode Laser is the latest technology available for soft tissue modification and preventive care. It provides efficient, precise and comfortable gum treatment.

Diode Laser

A digital scanner for impressions

Instead of using uncomfortable, goopy impression material, Dr. Molzan uses a scanner to quickly and easily capture detailed impressions of your teeth. The impressions are used to create restorations such as crowns, veneers or dentures as well as for orthodontic treatment with Invisalign.

Veloscope for Cancer Screening

The Velescope is the most powerful technology available for the discovery of oral abnormalities, which can be critical in the fight against oral cancer.


VibraJect for Inject Comfort

Our doctors use the VibraJect, which is a simple solution for alleviating injection discomfort. This is good news for our patients as the anesthetic causes virtually no discomfort.

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