Full-Mouth Restoration
in Cape Coral, Florida

Full-Mouth restoration in Cape Coral, FL

Restore Your Mouth To Full Health, Function and Beauty

Various factors can cause decay, cracks or other damage to teeth. Accidents, gum disease, not going to the dentist for a prolonged period of time and other conditions can result in a mouth that hurts or makes you feel embarrassed about your smile. Our doctors believe that no one should have to endure ongoing oral discomfort or feel afraid to smile. Dr. Molzan and Dr. Brown provide restoration of the entire mouth to help patients, who may have given up on their teeth, to get the healthy, confident and comfortable smiles they deserve.

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Individualized Treatment Plan

At Complete Dental Care of South Florida, we are committed to your comfort during every phase of your treatment. Our doctors use state-of-the-art technology and equipment for accurate and efficient treatment, as well as oral or IV sedation for patients who need more help relaxing.

Completed Dental Care of South Florida

Procedures for Full-Mouth Restoration

The restoration of patients’ entire mouths is an everyday part of our practice. With over 38 years of experience, Dr. Molzan is able to take almost any patient with their mouth in any condition and fix it.

Our doctors use a variety of treatments to fully restore your teeth to good health and aesthetics. This includes one or more of the following:

We offer sedation options to help you comfortably get the treatments you need.

Benefits of Full-Mouth Restoration

For those feeling self-conscious with their smile, full-mouth restoration has a rejuvenating effect that can take years off your face. The improvement in oral health it provides also means an improvement in overall health and well-being. Restored chewing functions means a less restricted diet, so you can once again eat the foods you enjoy or need for proper nutrition.

Benefits of Full Mouth restoration in Cape Coral FL

Studies have related poor dental health to issues such as heart disease and a compromised immune system. Teeth left unreplaced can lead to jawbone loss and misaligned teeth can cause TMJ problems. A full-mouth restoration prevents these issues from occurring and gives you the healthy oral function and overall health you need to fully enjoy life.

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