Real Patient Stories

Patient Stories in Complete Dental Care of South Florida
Bernie - Patient

“I’ve been struggling with bad teeth practically my whole life after being in an accident at age 14 and another at age 16. Ever since, I’ve had to wear partials that lost their fit over time and had to be continually redone.

“I had very bad experiences with dentists growing up, so I was terrified of going to the dentist even as an adult. My fear ended when I met Dr. Molzan. I can honestly say I did not have one minute of pain during the whole procedure and healing. It was amazing!

“It was hard for me at first to visualize how they could do all this work in one day and that I could walk out with a beautiful set of teeth, but it went amazingly. I am so extremely impressed—I still have a hard time believing the results!

“I can smile again! I got my confidence back, and I can enjoy a good steak! I can enjoy the rest of my life and not be embarrassed about opening my mouth anymore. This procedure has given me my life back.

“Dr. Molzan’s practice is absolutely the best I have ever experienced and, believe me, I’ve seen a lot of dental offices. The experience was wonderful from start to finish. Dr. Molzan and Dr. Brown are very professional, easy to talk to and have great personalities. They made me feel very comfortable.

“Dr. Molzan is, in my eyes, the best dental surgeon on this planet. His expertise and knowledge cannot be beat, and everything happened as he said it would. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to have a similar procedure done. My only regret is that I had not met him 10 years earlier.”

New Final Teeth in One Day
Deb - Patient

“I cannot thank Dr. Molzan enough for giving me the smile I never had in 65 years. I am told now on a regular basis what a beautiful smile I have. I say they’re dental implants by Dr. Molzan.

“I had an infection under my upper bridge and he replaced it with implants. Now, I have the confidence to smile again, and I feel beautiful for the first time in my life. I cannot wait to have him do my bottom teeth too.

“It’s very clean there, and I cannot say enough good things about his warm and friendly staff. I feel right at home at Dr. Molzan’s office. So thankful for the day I saw his TV infomercial.”

New Final Teeth in One Day
Ed - Patient

“My teeth were in very poor condition before I came to see Dr. Molzan. Now, my health and appearance are improved, I have more confidence and, most importantly, I got my smile back!

“Dr. Molzan is very knowledgeable and honest. His practice is clean and convenient, and I love the office staff. I appreciated the follow-up call after my surgery and the chicken soup I was sent home with!”

New Final Teeth in One Day
Linda - Patient

“My old bridge had crumbled, leaving no back teeth, and I only had five of my own teeth on the bottom. Dr. Molzan and his staff were very kind, professional and caring throughout my whole procedure.

“The benefits have been amazing. I smile all the time now and can eat whatever I want. I no longer feel self-conscious, and everyone compliments me on my smile and my teeth now. Worth every penny.

“I highly recommend Dr. Molzan and his office!”

New Final Teeth in One Day
Susan - Patient

“I recommend Complete Dental Care without hesitation. The waiting room is comfortable and welcoming with soft music and no overcrowding. The office staff always greets me by name and with a friendly smile. The technicians are knowledgeable and always make sure I am comfortable.

“Dr. Molzan has a kind and gentle disposition. He immediately put me at ease and took into account that I had an extreme fear of dentists.

“I have had extensive work done at this office, and I have only had positive experiences. I can smile with confidence now! I recommended Dr. Molzan with full confidence that you will have the same wonderful experience I did.”

New Final Teeth in One Day
Andrew - Patient

“People judge you by their first impression, and the condition of your teeth play a big part in that. When I first saw Dr. Molzan, my teeth were terrible, stained, and I had multiple issues with cracked and missing teeth. He restored my confidence to smile and feel good about my teeth. I have never felt more comfortable with the appearance of my teeth than I do now.

“Dr. Molzan is knowledgeable and experienced and uses the latest materials, offering superior durability. His wonderful staff is always happy to speak to me, and I feel very comfortable entering his office. He uses the latest technology—from painless injections to implants that look and feel better than real teeth. He used implants to replace my front upper and lower crowns with absolutely the best results I could’ve hoped for. In addition, Dr. Molzan is one of the few dentists that will actually tell you what you need and advise against any unnecessary work. You can leave knowing you were helped by the best of hands.”

Full-Mouth Restoration with Crowns, Bridge and Implants
Kris - Patient

“My teeth were super tight and cracked, and I didn’t have the confidence to smile as much as I wanted.

“I was surprised to see how fast Invisalign worked and transformed my teeth. I could not be happier with my results from working with Dr. Brown. Invisalign was fast and comfortable, and half of the time I forgot I was wearing them.”