New Final Teeth in One Day in Cape Coral, Florida

Are Your Teeth Too Damaged to Chew Your Food?
Tired of Dentures or Dental Fixes that Don’t Last?
New Teeth in One Day in Cape Coral, FL

Dr. Molzan helps his patients restore their health, confidence and quality of life with full arches of lifelike new teeth attached to dental implants.

Get Beautiful, Permanent New Teeth & Restore Full Chewing Power with New Final Teeth in One Day!

Dr. Molzan’s New Final Teeth in One Day treatment allows him to take nearly any person—regardless of the condition of their mouth​ or age—and provide them with full arches of stable, lifelike, and permanent implant-supported replacement teeth, giving them full function and aesthetics in a one-day procedure.

This economical and lasting teeth replacement option uses a minimal number of dental implants to anchor beautiful and strong full arches of new teeth, and you will receive your final teeth the same day as your new implants.

A Groundbreaking Single-Day Procedure

Following the necessary appointments for diagnostic work and planning, the entire procedure is performed in just one visit. On the day of treatment, Dr. Molzan removes any remaining teeth in your mouth, places dental implants and attaches your beautiful new teeth. You will leave the office with an attractive new smile and natural chewing power restored.

Dr. Molzan explaining New Teeth in One Day
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  • Learn about your treatment options
  • Get all your questions answered
  • Review financing options
  • Receive a treatment plan

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Immediate Fixed Teeth

Your final teeth will be made from zirconia or crystal ultra, a very strong and beautiful material known for both its durability and lifelike dental aesthetics. Zirconia is naturally bone-white in color and our dental lab bakes thin layers of porcelain onto it to give the teeth a natural-looking translucency. The teeth are designed to have a comfortable, natural feel and can last a lifetime.

New Teeth in One Day Procedure

Patients receive their beautiful teeth on the same day as implant placement—no waiting for months in temporaries!

Nearly Everyone Is a Candidate

Thanks to the way the procedure is done, almost everyone qualifies for New Final Teeth in One Day treatment, including some patients who’ve been told they’re not good candidates for implants by other dentists in the past. The New Final Teeth in One Day procedure uses long implants placed at an angle to increase bone-to-implant contact and provide a strong and stable base for the permanently fixed-in new teeth. As a result, even patients who’ve experienced severe bone loss in their jaw can be candidates for the treatment.

New Teeth in One Day evaluation

Comfortable Care

We work hard to make sure you can get your New Final Teeth in One Day comfortably. Dr. Molzan and our staff are accommodating and friendly and will listen to you and take the time to explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. We also offer sedation options to help make the treatment something you can relax through.

Improved Quality of Life

New Final Teeth in One Day will give you a confident, attractive and younger-looking new smile that you will be proud to immediately show off. The procedure also restores nearly 100% of full natural chewing power, enabling you to comfortably eat whatever you want again, including foods like steak, apples and corn on the cob!

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